Phonon designs and manufactures high performance SAW oscillators for defense and space.

SAW resonators: STW and Rayleigh on quartz, fundamental mode to 2500 MHz, unloaded Q approaches the material limit

Temperature stable: Micro-Oven temperature stabilizes only the SAW surface, +-10ppm for -40C to 85C, 3 second warm-up, only .25W at room ambient

Low phase noise circuitry: special attention to loaded Q, 1/f noise, varactor noise, and noise floor

Voltage Controlled: low noise varactor tuned 200ppm

Vibration sensitivity: no mechanical resonance <2KHz, on-board 3-axis accelerometer for active vibration compensation

Aging: special resonator packaging techniques to minimize aging

Frequency multipliers: on-board 2-5x available

Power: <.5W, 5 & 12 V available

Size: 1x1x.2” hermetic kovar flatpack

Phase Locked SAW Oscillator: PLL+VCSO locked to a low freq reference, all in 2.3″x1″ (58mmx25mm) hermetic kovar flatpack

Test: complete multi-temperature Acceptance Test Report shipped with every unit

Connectorized package available (pictured to right, bottom image).