Quality Assurance

Quality is integral to every aspect of Phonon’s business.  Our fully documented Business Management System is registered to ISO-9001:2008 and provides the operating structure to support our Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

Phonon maintains and continually improves our business management systems to conform to ISO9001:2008 requirements as a minimum, as well as more stringent or legally required standards where needed.   Phonon ensures customer satisfaction by providing products and service of the highest value as demonstrated by:

  • Customer Support before, during, and after the sale
  • Product and Service Price that meets customer expectations
  • Product and Service Delivery that meets the customer requirements
  • Hardware Performance that meets the documented and understood customer requirements
  • Hardware Reliability that meets the customer expectations

Product Realization

Testing and processing performed at Phonon is carefully selected for maximum customer satisfaction and minimum cost.  Software, fixtures, procedures, and work instructions are all developed to meet the specific needs of each customer and configuration controlled with customer notification or approval where requested.  Our exclusive presence in the Military and Aerospace Markets provides customers knowledge and experience with satisfying requirements ranging from the most complex MIL-PRF-38534 Space K qualified hardware to streamlined MIL-STD-883 screened hardware frequently used in rapid prototyping. Shown at right is an example of a product put through extensive x-rays before approval for use in space.

Specialized Needs

Phonon has long been an international supplier, successfully managing the complexities of ITAR, RoHS, and WEEE requirements.  Our 30 year history of product and process stability means that Phonon can support long lived programs without fear of obsolescence.

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