Program Management

Because of the complexity of many of the orders we receive, Phonon has adopted a Program Management approach for processing, managing and communicating with our customers.

The Program Manager provides the customer with a single point of contact during the duration of the job. This makes it easier for the customer to know who to call with a question on any aspect of their order.

The Program Manager is responsible for reviewing all contractual requirements including the Purchase Order, Specifications, Quality Clauses, Terms and Conditions, Statement of Work and any other document relevant to the order.  This insures that all requirements of the contract will be carried out correctly during the life of the program.

This system also guarantees that the customer will be provided with frequent updates, usually in the form of milestone charts on the progress of the project at any given point in time.  The Program Manager’s role is to act as an intermediary between the customer and Phonon’s engineering and manufacturing groups to assure the program progresses on time.  If a problem does occur, they inform the customer on what is being done to correct the issue and then get the program back on track.